BackThick Leather

Thick leather usually has its original shape still more or less intact and is tanned in order to avoid deterioration.

Tanning, the classic method of treating leather, can be either vegetable- or salt-based. The former is a process based on the use of natural tannins sourced from trees. This is the classic method, as well as being more eco-friendly. It is used to create natural thick leather, compact and sturdy, designed to stand the test of time. This method of working the leather brings through the pattern of the individual species. As each hide has a story of its own, so each chair is a unique and original piece – absorbing the traces of our life over time, ageing without breaking. Salt-based tanning, known as ‘chrome tanning’, is the most common form. This method uses salts that create highly stable compounds together with the reactive compounds in the hide. This method of tanning results in leather that is soft, tough, flexible and almost impermeable.