Beauty Kit

Beauty Kit

Natural materials such as leather and saddle leather are synonyms of luxury and quality and are able to give furniture a touch of timeless elegance.

Because of their valuable nature they need to be treated and cared for with the right attention: the Beauty kit is a line of three products designed for the care of your Frag leather and saddle leather furniture and to enhance its splendor while preserving its excellence.

A beauty routine to maintain the innate beauty and suppleness of leather and accompany it through the natural ageing process, that confers upon this material even more charm and value. The line was specifically designed to clean leather and saddle leather, protecting them from possible stains and the signs of time and it is the ideal kit to keep the quality of Frag products unaltered.

The Leather Cleaner is a water based detergent designed to delicately and effectively clean all types of Frag leathers and saddle leather and guarantees an accurate and deep cosmetic treatment of the upholstery.

The Leather Protector is a very advanced product that has the ability to defend the leather whilst improving its resistance to dirt and facilitating cleaning.

The kit also includes an Ink Remover, a water based stain remover specifically deigned to remove traces of ink from leather.