Frag is a family affair

The History

The Frag story is all about making leather furniture. Representing “Made in Italy” at an international level, the company’s expertise in blending creativity, tradition, innovation, fine materials and elegant, contemporary design has grown continuously over the years.

Frag is a family story that begins with great-grandfather Giovanni’s decision to become an entrepreneur while very young. Today’s Frag has new DNA following the entry of the fourth generation into the family business a few years ago. The president, Franco Di Fonzo, is now accompanied by his children Michele and Federica Di Fonzo, Product Manager and Marketing Manager, respectively. Michele and Federica joined the company after finishing their studies and embarking on their own professional careers, bringing their inherited passion and dedication with them, and added their innovative know-how to its reserves of knowledge and business skills to help the Frag brand along its path of growth and development.

Frag is a family story, with designer and company as mother and father of every product, nurturing it with care and attention. Since Frag’s foundation in 1921, leather processing skills have become the Italian art of living. Continuous research over the years has added expertise in processing other materials to this art, which continues to give birth to unique items of furniture when married to the creativity of international designers.

Frag owes its commercial success to avant-garde forms, modern influences and touches that mould material and memory, reinterpreting their function and transforming them into powerful expressions.
Frag employs care, skill and experience to create chairs, armchairs, sofas, beds, tables and accessories that give a timeless elegance to living and sleeping areas. The Frag style, born of close collaboration with established young designers, carries the essence of “Made in Italy” all over the world, especially to US and Asian markets.
“To have one’s own children working in the company is the best thing an entrepreneur can wish for, because something built up over the years can be passed down the family”. Franco Di Fonzo

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