April 2024


Frag at the Exhibition in Triennale in Milan : UNIVERSO SATELLITE 25 YEARS OF SALONE SATELLITE.


During the Salone del Mobile 2009 Frag meets the duo Mist-o at the SaloneSatellite, two very young designers who were proposing a “different” product the Woodpecker, thus was born a collaboration with the designers that will not only lead to the inclusion in the catalog of the clotes stand but will continue with the creation of armchairs, tables and sofas.

Devised as a “planet” revolving around the Salone del Mobile di Milano, SaloneSatellite has long since become a real “universe” in its own right, and the exhibition Universo Satellite celebrates its 25-year history. All the “ingredients” of an unbeatable recipe, dreamt up by Marva Griffin in 1998, have combined to create this pivotal international design event, set up for the occasion in the spaces of Triennale. SaloneSatellite has always been generously promoted and supported by the Salone del Mobile di Milano, and has managed over the years to grow and carve out an original, increasingly recognisable position for itself, becoming a very real universe, “centered” around a strong, unitary and multifaceted concept which, over time, has interwoven people, schools, entrepreneurs and companies around the projects by young designers.

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