June 2021

New collection 2021 – 3 rd stage

In 2020, Luis Arrivillaga designed the first Gast project, a sofa originally offered in two stand-alone versions that added further personality to the range of couches in the Frag catalogue. The warm and welcoming Gast sofa combines a spirit of classic inspiration, reminiscent of early 1900s sofas, with the ironic tone of 1960s upholstered furniture, reinterpreted in contemporary style. It offers the multiple possibilities demanded by the latest trends in interior design, which visualise the sofa as a complex and customisable compositional system in the landscape of interior space, whether residential or contract. Gast supports these trends by focusing on two principal features: sophisticated design and proportions, plus abundant compositional and geometric variability.


The number of elements available – linear end pieces, chaises longues, as well as special end modules with original trapezoid shapes, chaises longues with curved seats, and a special padded armrest that can be positioned centrally or laterally – create a flexible system from the compositional point of view: from the simple stand-alone linear sofa to more complex compositions with particular angular and asymmetrical geometries capable of breaking the typical linearity of sofas with strongly contemporary lines that impart a dynamic ambience.

The remarkably original compositional elements of Gast provide great potential for project planning, aggregation and versatility, offering dynamic and contemporary possibilities, with some modules conceived as stand-alone pieces. The trapezoidal end piece, for example, can be used independently as a dormeuse with a strong personality that can enhance its surroundings.


Both in the stand-alone linear version and the new modular version, each element of Gast has a single seat and back cushion, and can be upholstered in either leather or fabric. Refined and informal at the same time, its compact design gives it a distinct but unobtrusive sense of comfort that equips it for use in domestic and contract contexts.

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