May 2021

New collection 2021 – 2 nd stage

The second stage of the 2021 Collection presentation concludes with an exploration of the world of furnishing accessories, home to the new Twin family of mirrors designed by Michele di Fonzo.

The company is extending its catalogue with an accessory that has long held deep symbolic meaning: the mirror, a design item that is present in every home and has always been an important decorative feature even in contract projects.


The Twin family contains two mirrors of different designs and sizes that employ simple circular, oval and rectangular geometric shapes to embellish and update a traditional look with a sophisticated touch. This mirror collection has a stylishly delicate brass frame that offers graceful support to the mirrors and recalls the elegance of the 1950s. The frame design leaves space between itself and the mirror glass, creating a look of light and airy refinement.


Twin One is a wall mirror consisting of a round frame that encloses and supports the square-shaped reflective surface. The interplay of geometries defines the boundaries and functions of this frameless mirror. The 70 cm diameter Twin One mirror is designed to be capable of synergy with geometry, symmetry and joints.


Geometric interplay also characterises Twin Duo, in which a metallic oval profile frames the rectangular mirror. A full-length mirror that is an essential living area or bedroom accessory, designed and fashioned to adapt easily to domestic and contract environments alike.


The Twin collection extends the range of furnishing accessories in the Frag catalogue, once again demonstrating the company’s ability to combine traditional leatherwork with the use of new materials and processes, and to create a completely defined domestic universe that allows the company’s identity, which has always been inspired by contemporary international taste, to emerge with clarity.


The 2021 Collection illustrates the evolution and continuation of Frag‘s research into expanding and consolidating its coordinated range in order to offer its clients genuinely aesthetic ideas for creating an authentic living environment of contemporary refinement. The Friulian company has a hundred year history of passion and dedication – a family story of leatherworking skills handed down through the generations – and from its earliest days has succeeded in building a furnishings catalogue that clearly demonstrates the authenticity and quality of Italian know-how.

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