April 2021

New collection 2021 – 1st stage

Frag presents the latest creation by the Mist-0 duo;  The “Quattro” family of poufs and accent tables

The first stage of the presentation of the 2021 collection began at the same time as the Milan Design Week in April, during which the first of the 2021 new products was officially launched: the new Quattro family.


The Quattro family, from the Italian-Japanese Mist-o studio, is a coordinated range of poufs and accent tables whose leitmotif is represented by the curved metal tubing of the base, which dialogues in balanced contrast with the seat cushion and support surfaces.

Quattro pouf features a generously padded multi-layer seat that invites relaxation. The design of the padded seat gives it the appearance of a decorative cushion suspended in thin air on a light and minimal supporting structure of curved metal tubing. The harmonious form of the soft cushion finds matching visual softness in the curving tubular base, designed as a “double V” that converges in the centre to give firm but discreet support to the seat. The slender metal structure of the legs gives the pouf an almost airy lightness, belying its large dimensions and blending essential lines with full, soft volumes.  With a single-seat box cushion that can be upholstered in leather or fabric, Quattro pouf can serve perfectly as a stand-alone furniture item.

To complement and enhance the pouf’s personality, the two designers have also designed Quattro occasional table, a series of accent tables that feature the same tubular metal base as the pouf, supporting a simple and elegant top of marble or metal. Quattro occasional table is available in two versions, with heights of 26 cm and 55 cm. The taller version, which can be used as a side table, is produced with a square top in Carrara, Emperador and graphite marble, or with a round top in a brushed bronze finish. The lower version is designed as living-room centre and has a square marble top.

Quattro represents a perfect combination of aesthetic formalism and comfort, confirming Frag’s ability to mix and work with different materials and coverings.

The Quattro family’s debut in the 2021 collection is clear evidence of Frag’s success in creating an increasingly integrated domestic universe that welcomes experimentation with enthusiasm and curiosity.

In pursuit of this aim, the company explores ways of using new materials and production methods, and of expanding into new and different types of products for the home, as a means of creating a sharper and more precise company identity.

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