June 2020

HOME SWEET OFFICE Furnishings to transform the working space within the home walls

The organisation of the home, conceived exclusively as a domestic space, is now contaminated by other functions, to accommodate the new necessities and habits of those who live in it. Working within the home walls imposes the need to rearrange the spaces, creating home office corners tailored to one’s requirements.
Frag offers a selection of desks designed with attention to the smallest details, to transform the living room into an operating workstation, bookcases to host work material alongside books, and comfortable seats covered in leather or saddle leather that decorate with refinement and modernity.

Twain – design Gordon Guillaumier

The Twain desk with chair and the Kipling stool draw from contours and concepts based in functionalism, principles of sobriety and simplicitywhich inspire items by Gordon Guillaumier.

The Twain desk is described as a structure in linear bronzed metal, sleek and nicely rounded where the different points intersect, on top of which rests a tabletop covered in soft leather, whose edges are doubled in order to create functional niches and drawers that keep items safe. A contemporary secretaire that reinvents traditional furniture, enriching it with the use of different materials, Twain can be placed in any context thanks to its exceptionally sensible profile.

Morgans – design Dainelli Studio

Morgans, bookshelf designed by Leonardo Dainelli, uses two vertical rectangular bars placed side by side that cross and fix five horizontal bars on each side: four, serve as support for the shelves while a fifth is fixed directly to the wall. The design of the metallic elements, with an almost industrial and constructivist style, creates a fascinating contrast with the refinement of the burnished brass finish and the precious leather covering of the shelves, creating an object with a peculiar character and a decorative aesthetic.

Dante – design Michele Di Fonzo

The Dante desk by Michele di Fonzo is dominated by the essentiality of form, whose distinctiveness is its full leather covering. Its qualities of immediate simplicity and linearity easily fit in a work space.

Mea – design Alessandro Dubini

The family of Mea armchairs designed by Alessandro Dubini is defined by decisive, rounded, wraparound lines and presents itself as a collection conceived for sophisticated domestic spaces just as for the office and for home working. The technical soul of Mea lives with its curves, rounded and with feminine proportions, which characterise its shapes, presenting itself formally as a sort of modern easy chair. This armchair thus is able to combine aesthetic research, technology and the tailoring that has always described the Frag collections in a single product.

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