April 2020

Enjoy your seat!

Seating in leather and saddle leather for the design of catering spaces.

Designing a restaurant or bar often proves to be a great challenge for an architect, skills are required to make the client stand out from the competition and present himself with personality to an increasingly
demanding clientele.

The choice of the correct furnishings can make the difference in communicating the exclusivity of a restaurant, and the seats inside a dining room are the undisputed protagonists of this space.

Frag, thanks to its almost 100 years of experience in the design of seating and in the processing of leather and saddle leather, offers in its catalogue a wide range of finely finished chairs, armchairs and stools
developed for the design of catering spaces.

Thanks to a specific service dedicated to contract, the company is also able to customize the objects in its catalogue and create completely bespoke furnishings, working in close synergy with the designers.


Rica Nidelven Hotel, Trondheim, Norway

The Montcalm, London, Uk

Camping Relax Haller, Luxembourg

Rica Seilet Hotel, Molde, Norway

Selfie Restaurant, Mosca

Galvin At Centurion Club, Uk

Hongger Hor, Switzerland

Sartory Restaurant, Germany

Cafe Krasnodar, Krasnodar, Russia

Guccio Restaurant, Singapore

Rappongi Ukai Tei Restaurant, Tokyo, Japan

Pullman Hotel Paris Tour Eiffel, France

Pullman Hotel Roissy Pole, France

Restaurant Mountain Blue, South Korea


Sofy – design Busetti Garuti Redaelli

A soft leather shell, comfortable and protective, is what distinguishes the Sofy armchairs, from the young design trio Busetti Garuti Redaelli. Clean and comfortable shapes are accentuated by the pleasant contrast of materials and colors, with triangularly sectioned legs in walnut-stained ash wood. The skillful workmanship of the leather further discerns the valuable details that enrich this seat, like the visible seam in the middle of the backrest, which creates an elegant effect of pleats and a charming decoration. The Sofy chair introduces an additional and versatile type of seat in Frag’s already diverse catalog, to place in the home, as well as in contract.



Nisida – design Calvi e Brambilla

Slender, essential in style, and yet so warm and cozy, conveying a remarkable feeling of comfort, Nisida features a tubular metal frame with leather upholstery. A special procedure is applied to bend the material so that the seat is almost a tub seat, an unprecedented effect with leather. The result is a corner-free, generously sized chair, with the extremely accurate stitching making the single-piece leather upholstery adhere perfectly to the tubular steel frame, gradually concealing it with a graceful rim of folded-over leather.



Dindi – design Michele di Fonzo

The Dindi chair by Michele di Fonzo, emblem of timeless style, once again explores the possibility of giving life to different shapes that revolve around a single theme: classical and traditional seats within the world of leather. An item that is timeless and evergreen, suitable everywhere, Dindi completely upholstered in leather, focuses the project’s center on the naturalness of the materials, with a flexible backrest that gives greater comfort by harmonizing each posture.



Ponza – design Gordon Guillaumier

The appeal of the Ponza chair is also evident in the attention given to fine details – the frame, covered in white leather, is composed of a rounded seat that blends seamlessly into the slightly curved, enveloping back; the continuous line is broken only by the soft cushion that fits into the seat. The wood legs, which have a semi-circular cross-section and taper towards the base, provide the finishing touch. In blending these materials, Ponza evokes and harmoniously unites the severe lines of Scandinavian design with the warmth of Mediterranean style – a reflection of the origins of this Maltese designer.

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