April 2020

Hotel Solutions

Frag’s production line is suited to the residential market and the contract world in equal measure. For the latter, the catalogue includes a series of products with features and technical characteristics that make them particularly suitable for use in public spaces and common areas.

In the Frag collection it is possible to find solutions specially conceived for the design of lounge spaces and large halls within accommodation industry. Sofas, lounge chairs, sofas and tables,  complete families of finely finished upholstered products, ideal for setting up relaxation areas and waiting areas.

The expertise gained by Frag in almost a century of business and the manufacturing technologies employed are made available to architects, decorators, interior designers and developers as a service deliberately geared towards achieving successful contract completion.

In the Frag philosophy, collaboration with architects and designers has always been an opportunity to explore ideas, new materials, craftsmanship and innovative production processes, and this is why the company offers a service dedicated to the contract that allows the customization of items in the catalog and  completely bespoke products


Atlantic Hotel Bremen, Germany

Grand Hotel Tyson, Las Vegas, Usa

Jeju Grand Hotel, South Korea

Hotel La Finca Golf, Algorfa (Alicante), Spain

Hotel Fly Away, Kloten, Switzerland

Hotel Wulfenia, Austria

Port Baku Residence, Baku, Azerbaijan

Soho Grand Hotel, Azov, Russia

Motel One Hotel City Sued Muenchen, Germany

Hotel Alpenhof Zermatt, Switzerland

Hotel Laico, Tunisia

Hotel Mirabeau, Switzerland

Raffles Hotel, Australia

Metropole Hotel Birmingham, Uk

Hotel Turna, Liechtenstein

Laguna Baycourt Club Hotel & Spa Resort, Kaiyocho, Japan Kitzhof, Austria

Sahrai Collection – design Christophe Pillet

Sahrai is a collection that includes a lounge chair and ottoman inspired by the traditional film director’s armchair. The designer has used the traditional ‘X’ shape of the chair frame horizontally, as an element that runs through the whole collection. The collection on display at the Furniture Fair is in an elegant matte black finish. The remarkably elegant lounge chair and ottoman are comfortably upholstered, with artfully positioned padding, covered in fine leather.



Winnie – design Mist-o

Winnie is a family which includes a lounge chair and a sofa, both characterized by incredibly generous shapes and upholstery that invites one to relax, where the leather covered shell draws the seat and the back, curving to form a sort of nest. Inside, a single leather-covered cushion, is curved to form a U, defining an intimate space, a refuge, into which one can sink, spoiled by the precious softness of the material.



Public – design Leonardo Dainelli / Dainelli Studio

The collection Public, designed by Leonardo Dainelli, consisting of chair and armchair, lounge chair and two-seater sofa. This family, nomen omen, has been designed for destinations such as public spaces and contract solutions. The designer was inspired by the famous New York hotel that completely revolutioned the most classic patterns of the hospitality, where there are no concierge or valets but only technologically advanced applications that allow you to do everything in complete autonomy.

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