April 2020

Frag e Dainelli Studio: un sodalizio vincente

The meeting between Frag and Dainelli Studio is recent, the collaboration was born in 2018 when the designer duo presented three projects that immediately attracted the interest of the company as they perfectly embodied the Frag philosophy, refined design, careful aesthetic research, attention to the proportions and harmony between shapes, colors, materials and finishes.

Thus were born the first three projects designed by Dainelli and created by Frag: the Cocoonlounge armchair and footrest, the Riviera lounge armchair and the Olimpia, available as a padded chair and armchair.

The collaboration immediately proved to be a winning partnership, each project, in fact, brings with it a profound design culture combined with the knowledge of industrial and artisan techniques and production processes, the ingredients necessary to transform a product into a best seller.

Frag implements the trait of Dainelli Studio in the use of craftsmanship, precious materials and clean lines, mixed with an international aesthetic and with inspirations of an all-Italian author’s design. In 2019, the Frag catalog was enriched with other projects by Dainelli: the Otis sofa collection, the Public seating family and the Morgans bookcase.


Cocoon – Lounge armchair and footrest

Cocoon is a collection that combines enveloping, harmonious, balanced lines with skilfully-paired materials. The lounge chair has a walnut base and feet, to which the saddle leather shell is attached, acting as back and arm rests. Inside the shell are two large soft cushions, an invitation to relax.


Cocoon Lounge is the perfect blend of aesthetic formalism and comfort, underlining Frag’s ability to mix and work with different materials and coverings at the same time.

Cocoon footrest incorporates the smaller wooden walnut base of the lounge chair, with the addition of a leather cushion. The ideal accessory to the chair thanks to its personality, this is a piece that is also perfect as a stand-alone feature.

Otis – Sofa collection

Otis aristocratic profile and masculine style rightfully place it in the most sought after living rooms. Backrest and armrests form a unique design, enveloping and sinuous in its corners and curves. A distinctive element of Otis is the balanced proportion given by the meeting between the spacious seat cushion and the elegant hammer armrest, made comfortable by a soft and plentiful padding. 

Four round tubular metal feet, fixed to the structure through a thin metal plate, complete the project, with a sober ornamental quirk. The collection, composed of sofas and modular elements – corner pieces, peninsulas and chaise longue – that can be upholstered in a wide selection of leathers or fabrics, in several shades adapting to different contexts.

Riviera – Lounge armchair

Riviera is a lounge armchair displaying hints of modernism in its use of metallic tubing, while a contemporary, decorative influence comes from the burnished brass finish and the combination of the hide-covered cushions and the saddle leather on the seat base and back.

The tubular framework consists of several rectangles forming the base, armrests and the structure to which the hammock-shaped saddle-leather seat is attached. Two soft leather cushions with removable covers add structure, comfort and softness.

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