July 2019

Frag @ Guccio Restaurant in Singapore

Unique style and passion for tradition are the ingredients behind Guccio, chef Marco Guccio’s restaurant in Singapore, a real crossroads for lovers of Italian cuisine abroad.

The link with Italy is reflected not only in the dishes and in the choice of ingredients but also in the furnishings. With its long tradition, artisan care and a production entirely made in Italy, Frag was chosen for the seats in the lounge and bar area.

Specifically, for the restaurant, the chairs and stools from the Evia collection have been selected, characterized by a padded seat entirely covered in leather.

This family, designed by Titta Paoloni, is able to create a welcoming and at the same time precious and refined environment: the curve formed by the backrest and the rear legs is delicately linked with the linear geometries of the seat and the front legs.

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