November 2016

Frag nelle ambientazioni del catalogo di Studioart

The armchair Archè, designed by Stefania Andorlini for Frag, was chosen to beautify one of the refined settings of the new Studioart catalogue.

With a design inspired by the South-American lifestyle, Archè presents itself as an object of timeless taste. Thanks to its archetypical shape which never goes out of style and to the quality of leather that becomes more and more beautiful over time, this armchair is one of the products that you can take with you throughout your lifetime. Archè is characterised by apparently simple features, that – together with the extreme refinement of the aluminium structure – create a formally elegant setting, making this seat a unique object. Frag’s ability to work leather becomes evident in their attention to detail and in the capability of using the material that seems to be softly placed on the round structure in this lounge.

Archè embodies a decorative, refined but not invasive look, the distinctive sign of the company and of all of its products. The language of Frag’s catalogue is able to offer an interpretation key for this stylish, personal and appealing piece of furniture, delicately adapting itself to the most diverse styles and settings.

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